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Our Events

Upcoming events:

Events that we organized or were involved in:

  • Online Workshops for Adults
    LEVEL 1 - May 29th, (Saturday) 5pm – 8pm MST
    LEVEL 2 - June 5th, (Saturday) 5pm – 8pm MST
    LEVEL 3 - June 12th, (Saturday) 5pm – 8pm MST

    Online Chess Workshops for adults
  • End of The School Year Tournament, June 30th
  • End of the School Year Tournament
  • Online Summer Chess Camp, July 27-28, 2020
    Online Summer Chess Camp
  • Team Battle International Tournament, June 23rd 2020
    Team tournament between Russia, Latvia, Poland, UK and Canada
    Jumping Knight Team Battle
  • Canada vs England International Match, May 17 2020
  • Canada vs England Chess Match
  • Simul and chess lecture at Westmount Chartered School, Calgary, May 14th, 2018
  • Junior Chess Camp, Edmonton, Jan 2018 Photos
    Junior Chess Camp Edmonton