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Chess School

Welcome to Jumping Knight Chess School!
We offer a variety of different chess lessons and services in the Edmonton area. We specialize in chess for kids, but we can also accommodate adult students if they are eager to learn! 

Whether you are looking for online lessons, individual lessons, chess tutoring or consulting services for your chess club, we have something to offer you.

Chess in Schools
We have a successful program of group chess lessons as an extracurricular activity in schools. We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest from students, so if you are an administrator of a school or a parent who thinks that chess classes could be a good fit at your school, please contact us for more details.

Chess Camps
We are proud to offer chess camps not only in the Edmonton region, but throughout Alberta. We can customize our camps to fit the needs of your club, school or business and we are proud to promote the growth of chess in Alberta.

Individual Chess Lessons
While our chess program in schools is a great introduction to the game and a good way to grow a child's skills, some students prefer to have individual lessons.
We are happy to offer one on one lessons either online or in person. Please note that the availability of these lessons may be limited at certain times of the year.

Chess Training Sessions and Consulting Services
Jumping Knight Chess Training SessionWe are happy to offer fun chess training sessions at retirement homes, to help keep residents active and engaged as well as at businesses as a team building strategy.
During these sessions, we will work on the fundamentals of chess as well as some basic chess strategy, tactics and openings.
We also offer consulting services to chess clubs or any business who would like specific chess related services.
Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Our Philosophy
We believe that chess should be a fun and accessible activity that anyone can take part in. We practice a low-pressure approach where students can feel safe to improve their skills in a positive atmosphere. Through this approach, we hope to continue to increase the level of interest in chess in Edmonton and throughout Alberta.

Our Head Coach
Agnieszka Matras-ClementWoman International Master Agnieszka Matras-Clement is one of the top-rated Canadian Women Chess players, the current Alberta Women's Champion and is registered as a chess coach by the Alberta Chess Association. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching chess and is a former member of the world champion Polish U-20 chess team as well as former European U-20 champion in rapid chess. Member of Chess Olympic Team Canada.


Please check our Events Page to see the upcoming and past events that we organized or were involved in.